Past winners

Listed below are the past winners of Berkshire Chess Association competitions going back to 1910:

SeasonDivision 1
Silver Rook Trophy

  • Silver Rook Trophy

Division 2
FS Woolford Trophy

  • FS Woolford Trophy
    Reading & District Chess League 2nd Division

Division 3
Division Three Trophy

  • Division Three Trophy
    Berkshire County & District Chess League 3rd Division

Division 4
TBA Trophy

  • TBA Trophy

Division 5
The Vint Cerf Trophy

  • The Vint Cerf Trophy

Division 6
The Tim Berners-Lee Trophy

  • The Tim Berners-Lee Trophy

Knockout 1
Premier Precision Cup

  • Premier Precision Cup
    The Premier Precision Challenge Trophy Presented by Mr. L. Sefton To Berkshire Chess Association

Knockout 2
Mick Tarrant Plate

  • Mick Tarrant Plate
    Berkshire Chess Association Jubilee Plate Renamed 2002 Mick Tarrant Plate Berkshire Match Captain 1961 - 1969 Reading Match Captain 1959 - 2002

Individual 3
Cadogan Cup

  • Cadogan Cup

Individual 4
Quickplay Cup

  • Quickplay Cup

2022 ? ? ? ? ? ? Winner(s) of 2022 Berks & Bucks Congress No Competition
2021 No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition No Competition
2020 Competition abandoned Competition abandoned Competition abandoned No Competition Competition abandoned Competition abandoned No winner : Congress not held No Competition
2019 Sandhurst A Henley A Camberley C No competition Uncompleted No competition John Wager No Competition
2018 Crowthorne A Reading C Sandhurst B Crowthorne C Crowthorne A Reading A FM Andrew P. Smith No Competition
2017 Sandhurst A Maidenhead B Newbury B Sandhurst C Sandhurst Maidenhead Olugbemiga Ogunshola & John D Wager No Competition
2016 Sandhurst A Reading B Camberley B Sandhurst C Reading PPCA Maidenhead PPCA John D Wager, Roger D de Coverly, Andrew P Smith, Matthew J Wadsworth No Competition
2015 Sandhurst A Newbury A Sandhurst B Camberley D Crowthorne PPCA Bracknell PPCA Matthew J. Wadsworth No Competition
2014 Sandhurst A Sandhurst B Camberley C Camberley D Camberley PPCA Bourne End PPCA Anthony Zhang No competition
2013 Sandhurst A Basingstoke A Sandhurst B Reading E Crowthorne PPCA Reading PPCA John D. Wager No competition
2012 Wellington College A Reading B Crowthorne D Crowthorne E Reading A Henley A Liam D. Varnam No competition
2011 Sandhurst A Sandhurst B Sandhurst C Sandhurst A Sandhurst B Kennetth I Norman No competition
2010 Sandhurst A Crowthorne B Newbury B Sandhurst A Maidenhead A No competition No competition
2009 Sandhurst A Sandhurst B Sandhurst C Crowthorne A Camberley A Edward Matthewson
2008 Camberley A Camberley B Sandhurst B Sandhurst Maidenhead Richard M. Webb
2007 Camberley A Maidenhead B Crowthorne C Bourne End Reading B No competition
2006 Bourne End A Reading B Maidenhead C Basingstoke Bracknell
2005 Crowthorne A Bracknell Henley Crowthorne Camberley No Award
2004 Crowthorne B Maidenhead B No Award? Basingstoke Camberley
2003 Camberley A Met Office A Basingstoke D Crowthorne Basingstoke
2002 Camberley A Camberley B Reading D Crowthorne Reading University
2001 Crowthorne A Reading No Award? Crowthorne Reading
2000 Crowthorne A Reading Reading D Crowthorne Reading
1999 Slough A Newbury Basingstoke D Crowthorne Camberley
1998 Crowthorne Basingstoke A Crowthorne C Crowthorne Maidenhead Anthony C. P. Milnes
1997 Camberley & Crowthorne Newbury Telecom B Crowthorne Reading Peter J. Sharp
1996 Bourne End & Slough British Telecom A Bracknell C Crowthorne Basingstoke
1995 Crowthorne Slough A Maidenhead C Crowthorne Reading Richard M. Webb
1994 Camberley Earley A Reading D Crowthorne Met. Office
1993 Crowthorne Bourne End B, Crowthorne B & Met Office A Crowthorne C Crowthorne Maidenhead
1992 Slough Basingstoke B Bracknell B Crowthorne Maidenhead
1991 Slough Bourne End A Earley C Basingstoke Crowthorne Richard M. Webb
1990 Slough Slough Bourne End ICL Crowthorne Richard M. Webb
1989 Reading A Reading University A Crowthorne B Slough Reading Shaun M. Taulbut
1988 ICL Met Office A AWRE ICL Crowthorne Michael J. Surtees
1987 Earley A Maidenhead C Met Office B Earley Maidenhead Gerald Moore
1986 ICL Bracknell A Bracknell B & Aerospace Reading C Reading Shaun M.Taulbut
1985 Earley A Met Office A Earley C Earley Maidenhead Tony C. Kosten
1984 Earley A Smiths Industries Camberley Reading Maidenhead Richard M. Webb Shaun M. Taulbut
1983 Earley & Winnersh A Maidenhead B Newbury B Earley & Winnersh Reading University J. Freeman
1982 Earley & Winnersh A Earley & Winnersh B Caversham Park Earley & Winnersh Caversham Park Ronald E. Banwell
1981 ICL A Sidas A Met Office B ICL Crowthorne No Award?
1980 ICL A Earley & Winnersh A ICL C ICL Bracknell Stanley W. Dolan
1979 Reading A Slough AWRE Paul A Lamford
1978 Reading A Didcot & Wallingford Maidenhead Newbury Ronald E. Banwell
1977 ICL (Bracknell) Maidenhead B Reading Ken Wyld
1976 ICL (Bracknell) Crowthorne A Maidenhead Edward Matthewson
1975 Maidenhead A DHSS Maidenhead R. F. G. Kneebone & John Townsend
1974 Bracknell Industries A Henley & ICL B ICL R. F. G. Kneebone
1973 Maidenhead A Reading B Bracknell Industries John H. Hodgson
1972 Maidenhead A Newbury B Maidenhead B. Turner
1971 Reading University A Maidenhead B Bracknell Industries R. Russell
1970 Reading University A & Reading B Basingstoke A & Bracknell Industries B Reading University Frank S. Woolford
1969 Maidenhead A ICL & Reading University B Maidenhead Frank S. Woolford
1968 Premier Precision A Wallingford A Reading J.Toothill
1967 Maidenhead A Basingstoke A Reading J. Toothill
1966 Reading A Reading D Reading Charles L. Tadiello
1965 Reading A & Reading B Premier Precision A & Maidenhead B B. Shepherd
1964 Maidenhead A Reading C & Reading University A R. J. Lee
1963 Reading A Premier Precision A D. Hustler & E. Strauss
1962 Reading A Met Office E. Strauss
1961 Reading A & Maidenhead A Reading B A. Boyce
1960 Reading University A Maidenhead B C. Blackburne
1959 Newbury A EMO Bracknell H. Benedictus
1958 Reading University A Reading B C. M. D. Cotterell
1957 Polish Combatants Club Maidenhead H. Ashton
1956 Reading Reading University & BBC Caversham Charles L. Tadiello
1955 Reading Reading University J. Nottingham
1954 Reading Polish Combatants A. Schneider
1953 Reading Wallingford F. Woolmer
1952 W. G. Bare
1951 A. C. Sutton
1950 J. Walker
1949 A. C. Sutton
1948 J. Nottingham
1947 F. W. Neale
1946 C. A. Nightingale
1939 F. W. Neale
1938 T. C. Arrandale
1937 Maidenhead S. P. Saric
1936 Reading F. W. Neale
1935 Reading F. W. Neale
1934 Reading Reading University F. W. Neale
1933 Reading Woodland L. A. Rumble
1932 Reading J. H. Van Meurs
1931 Maidenhead Reading YMCA C. G.Greenfield
1930 Reading Reading F. W. Neale
1929 Reading Reading P. J. Lawrence
1928 Reading Reading F. W. Neale
1927 Reading Kings Road Institute F. W. Neale
1926 Reading Reading P. J. Lawrence
1925 Reading Reading H. Lyford
1924 Reading Reading G. H. Caws
1923 Reading Reading
1922 Reading Reading
1921 Reading Liberal Club
1915 Maidenhead
1914 Park Institute
1913 Reading
1912 Reading
1911 Reading
1910 Park Institute